Monday, July 20, 2009

In Memory of Thomas Rubick

Our friend and colleague Thomas Rubick, graphic design instructor, passed away on the morning of Sunday, July 19. His wife Jeane and family wrote that "The sun was up, and we sang 'Here Comes the Sun' to him. The light from behind his blue eyes is shining on us all."

Though we all knew this was coming, it is a tragic loss of one who gave so much to life through his art and teaching, his insistence on excellence, and his honest and insightful contributions to our work and community in the Arts and at Lane. We have all missed him greatly over the last year and now we will remember him always in our work and thoughts as we build on what he gave us.

Rick Williams, Dean, Division of the Arts

Friday, July 10, 2009

In Memory of Tom Rohr

Our colleague and dear friend, ceramics instructor Tom Rohr, suffered a heart attack and died Tuesday night, July 7. A memorial service is planned for Tuesday, July 14 at noon at St. Mary Catholic Church, 1062 Charnelton St., Eugene, followed by a gathering at the family’s home at 2:30 p.m. Kathryn would like us to share memories of Tom at the gathering.

As I have talked with many of you about Tom's sudden death and our deep loss, I realized that the first response from many of you was the memory of the last time you saw Tom. That is true for me as well, and that time, as with many others, is a memory of him talking in the hall outside my door, excitedly describing a new idea to one of you. I don't know that anyone else brought more excitement, energy, happiness and pure charm to our halls and classrooms than Tom did. This is a terrible loss for all of us and for our students. I hope I will see many of you next Tuesday as we mourn the passing of our friend and colleague and, as we know he would want us to do, celebrate his life.

Rick Williams, Dean, Division of the Arts